Fr. Todd Bulletin Article, December 9 2018


Dear Sacred Heart Family


I have really enjoyed seeing how our local communities work together.  This past week we had two annual events- the Hospice Lights of Love and the Christmas Cantata.  I saw parishioners from both parishes join these larger community wide events.  The Church is meant to be an integral part of the community in which it is found – thank you for your participation in these events.

This Sunday I will go on a Christmas tree hunt with a few members of my family.  In the Koenigsknecht clan, this is almost as exciting as the Griswolds from the National Lampoon’s Christmas!

As we continue entering into this advent season, we will hear God calling out for us to prepare the way for His coming. Here are a few helpful ways to continue growing.

Sign up for  This great resource offers a ton of different materials to help us grow in our faith in some.  If you go to the parish website there is a link that will help you sign up.  Two series are highlighted for Advent:

Advent reflections:  Preparing for the birth of our Savior.  This series offers a short daily reflection by Dr. Tim Gray.  You can sign up and have it sent right to your inbox each day.


Prepare the Way:  An Advent Journey. This is a video series   explaining advent and major themes of this season to help us get ready to welcome Jesus more fully into our lives at Christmas.


Best Advent ever- ( Matthew Kelly offers this daily devotional that you can sign up for and it will come right to your email each day.  This is a great way to enter into Advent in a more intentional way.

May God bless you during this Advent Season.

Fr. Todd


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