Mission Appeal, October 6-7

Annual Mission Appeal

October 6-7

Each year, a missionary is assigned to our parish from the diocesan Mission Office for an appeal asking our assistance for the very poor.  The weekend of  October 6-7, we will welcome Fr. Gary Weismann, on behalf of the Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica.  Please consider supporting the evangelization programs and outreach to the extremely poor people of this diocese in our second collection.


From Fr. Gary……

When we think of Jamaica, we think of Ocho Rios, beautiful beaches, vacations and wonderful scenery.  But, Jamaica is among the poorest countries in our hemisphere and the Diocese of Mandeville is the poorest of the three dioceses in Jamaica where 68% of the people have no running water.  25% of youth are “functionally illiterate;” there is an alarming number of destitute elderly and abandoned children; and, the average Sunday collection is 10% of the operating cost.  On behalf of the Diocese of Mandeville, we thank you for your prayers and support or our poor.


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