Made for Happiness Assembly

What a remarkable day last Saturday at the Breslin Center!!!!!

History was made Sept. 22, 2018 as approximately 22% of the churchgoing Catholic population of the ten-county Diocese of Lansing gathered for a Eucharistic procession, speakers and an all-diocesan Mass at the Breslin Student Events Center on the campus of Michigan State University. Nearly 14,000 people registered for the event. It was the largest gathering of Catholic faithful in the more than 80-year history of the Diocese of Lansing.

Bishop Boyea called the Catholic faithful to seek out more than their own happiness in heaven, but to be disciples, who help others find faith in God, the source of our eternal happiness. The Mass ended with the bishop announcing a year of prayer, calling all parishes to be dedicated to forming missionary disciples.

If you would like to listen to the speakers again, the Diocese has uploaded audio files of the speakers along with Bishop Boyea’s Adoration Address and Homily.


Mass/Adoration Schedule for Week of October 1

Priest Convocation

The week of October 1st, Fr Todd and Fr Tomy will be attending the annual priest convocation.  During this time, you are invited to come, pray and spend time before the Blessed Sacrament.


Monday, Oct 1 ~ Daily Mass at 8am

Tuesday, Oct 2 ~ Exposition at 4:45pm, Benediction and Repose at 6pm

Wednesday, Oct 3 ~ Exposition at 8 am, Benediction and Repose at 9am

Thursday, Oct 4 ~ Exposition at 8 am, Benediction and Repose at 9am

Friday, Oct 5 ~ Children’s Mass at 9:00am


Principal Bulletin, September 30 2018

How Do We Keep Our Children Safe?

The best way to keep our kids safe is to develop a strong relationship with them. The world can be a big scary place and our children are out in it. We do our best to stay involved and to communicate about their day but eventually the day will come when they are making decisions and using their own common sense to take care of themselves. Whether it is riding your bike on the sidewalk and knowing the rules of the road or choosing to not play a video game that is rated higher than your age; whether it is choosing to be friends with kids who have the same values as you or being strong enough to trust your parent’s rules and not break them. All of these choices keep our kids safe and all of these choices are taught to children by their parents. How do we build this strong relationship of guidance and trust?

It isn’t easy. Parenting is very, very hard. But if we do our work when they are little, they will be ready to grow independent when it is time to figure things out on their own. Always remember that our children are a gift from God. I believe we are given kids who challenge us on purpose. It is our chance to dig so deep into our soul that we are forever changed by raising them. Having children is our chance to develop patience and to teach unconditional love. When children feel this love, through our service and care for them, and when we are their mentors by the example we set, they are open to our influence and teaching. It is a formula of trust, (not of us trusting them, but them trusting us) understanding and love. This formula will give parents the relationship they need to always be in their child’s mind. They will be able to talk to us about the things they need help with. We can talk to them about how to make safe decisions. We can reaffirm that their worth comes from God and not any outside influence. We can guide them in the true ways of the world and then teach them all of God’s beautiful messages about how to get closer to the Divine. Let’s work together to teach our children that they can handle anything the world can throw at them. Not on their own but with our guidance and love and with the knowledge we give them from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. Let’s give them the confidence to always grow closer to God and to be safe in the world.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


Deacon’s Corner, September 30 2018

While walking through the gym at Sacred Heart School 4 years ago, I saw the teacher in the center of the gym surrounded by the Kindergarten class.  As they all began to kneel, it was obvious class was beginning with prayer.  They prayed the St. Michael Prayer from memory – a prayer I learned a long time ago but forgot the words.  The children taught me the prayer that day and now I pray it often.  Many parishes recite this prayer together either before Mass begins or immediately after the closing song.   So, what is the St. Michael prayer and where did it come from?

On Oct. 1, 1884, Pope Leo XIII had a deeply disturbing mystical experience after celebrating Mass.  While in his private chapel, the staff saw him suddenly stand in front of the altar for about 10 minutes as if in a trance, his face drained of color.  Afterwards, Pope Leo went to his office and wrote a prayer to St. Michael, then asked it be offered throughout the Church.  He told his staff he had heard two voices near the tabernacle and believed they were the voices of God and Satan.  Pope Leo heard Satan boast that he could destroy the Church in 75 or 100 years if given the opportunity.  Then he heard God give Satan permission to try.

The prayer which Pope Leo XIII composed was used throughout the Church and prayed after Mass until discontinued in 1964.  In 1994, Pope John Paul II revived use of the prayer saying, “Although the prayer is no longer recited at the end of Mass, I ask every one not to forget it and to recite it to obtain help in the battle against the forces of darkness and against the spirit of the world.”  Pope John Paul clearly intended we pray to St Michael on a regular basis no matter where we are – at Mass, work, school, and in our homes.

Just one look at the headlines each day tells us Satan will never give up trying to destroy us and God’s Church.  But that doesn’t mean we are helpless.  Taking a moment and praying to St Michael is one way I find shelter in the chaos around me.  This week, while facing the forces of darkness, I invite you to do the same by praying…


St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.  Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.  And do thou, O prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all other evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of the souls.  Amen

Deacon John


Fr. Todd Bulletin, September 30 2018

Dear Sacred Heart Family

We had a very blessed day at the Diocesan Assembly last weekend.  It was great to see so many parishioners there.  I heard that many had the occasion to meet my twin brother as well!  All of the talks were recorded and will be made available on the Diocesan website.  I strongly encourage you to listen to them when you have the chance.

This week Fr. Tomy and I will be gone for our annual priest Convocation.  It is the one week of the year when all of the priests of the Diocese gather together with Bishop Boyea for time together.

One evening we will take time to celebrate important anniversaries of ordination- 25, 40, and 50 years.  Another day we celebrate a Mass for all of the deceased priests and deacons who have served in Diocese of Lansing since its founding in 1937.  One of the most profound moments of that Mass is when all of their names are read aloud.  It is powerful to pray for all those who have served before us and to pray that I might be able to serve as faithfully and with the same perseverance and dedication.

Each year we have a speaker offer a series of talks on one aspect of faith or ministry.  This year we will be discussing strategic planning for the coming years in the Diocese.

This coming week we will only have Mass on Monday and Friday at Sacred Heart.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there will be Eucharistic Adoration offered during the usual Mass time if you would like to come and pray during that time.  Please keep all of us in your prayer this week.

Regarding the new floor layout, I have heard from a few different people, questions and concerns about the center aisle width in the Church.  An important part of the restoration was a redesign of the pew layout to accommodate wheel chairs and walkers.  That included making the side aisles wider, which simultaneously reduced the width of then center aisle.  Now that we’ve had two funerals in the church, we have discovered the pall bearers are no longer able to walk alongside the casket as it is brought down the center aisle, as has been our tradition.

I came at the tail end of the planning for this project, but I know Fr. Joe, the flooring committee, Diocesan Liturgical Review Committee and the Historical Architect worked hard on this plan to make our parish accessible for everyone.  Every change, even a good change like making Sacred Heart handicap accessible, has consequences.  I think this was an unforeseen one.

I have been asked why we can’t move the pews back to where they were.  There are two reasons.  The first and most important is that we cannot sacrifice handicap accessibility.  The second is that when the pews where fastened down every place a screw was put in a hole was burned into the carpet so the screw wouldn’t unravel the new carpet.  If they were moved we would see every hole.

I know this has been a beautiful tradition we have had here at Sacred Heart.  To be a pallbearer for a loved one is an honor that I don’t want anyone to lose in all of this.  We will be talking about alternate ways for the pall bearers to process into the Church with the casket so that their role is still acknowledged.

God Bless,

Fr. Todd


Fr. Todd Homily, September 23 2018

Reading 1WIS 2:12, 17-20

The wicked say:
Let us beset the just one, because he is obnoxious to us;
he sets himself against our doings,
reproaches us for transgressions of the law
and charges us with violations of our training.
Let us see whether his words be true;
let us find out what will happen to him.
For if the just one be the son of God, God will defend him
and deliver him from the hand of his foes.
With revilement and torture let us put the just one to the test
that we may have proof of his gentleness
and try his patience.
Let us condemn him to a shameful death;
for according to his own words, God will take care of him.




With over 13,200 people and counting, you’re registered to be part of the largest gathering of Catholics in the history of our diocese. Oh happy day!  Below is information you will want for making this day the best it can.

We ask that you PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for a GREAT DAY!!


Want to listen to some of the Assembly music before Saturday? Click the link below…

(You will need to create a “Spotify” account.)



Encourage others to do the same!

To download the Assembly App:

·      Text “HAPPY” to 88202

·      Enter the app

·      In the “FIND MY PARISH” search bar, type “HAPPY”

·      Select “Diocese of Lansing Assembly”

Or, if you already have myParish App:

·      Enter the app and tap the three horizontal lines on the top left.

·      Tap “FIND A PARISH” and in the search bar, type “HAPPY”.

·      Select “Diocese of Lansing Assembly”


Get the Live Procession Audio link

(This will go live at 9am on Sat, Sept 22. Until then, nothing will be heard.)

During the procession, there will be prayers and hymns prayed and sung live from Breslin’s mainstage, and live streamed to people’s phones via the Assembly App. That way everyone can participate in unison whether at the Breslin or walking in the procession.  For those who aren’t walking in the procession. The procession will be live streamed to the jumbo-tron in the Breslin Center.


Get the Facebook Live video link (live video will stream all day):

(On the day of, open your Facebook app, search for Diocese of Lansing, and find the live stream there.)


Tune into Ave Maria Radio for Live Broadcast!


Get your parking map and Breslin Map ….. PARKING MAP and BRESLIN MAP.


View the PROGRAM for the day HERE.


Breslin Center Security and General Guidelines.

(MSU Police will be providing full security throughout the day)

  • PARKING OPENS AT 6:30AM. $10 CASH parking at all MSU lots.
  • THERE ARE NO BAGS ALLOWED IN THE BRESLIN CENTER but each participant is allowed to bring items into the Breslin Center as long as those items are contained in one or more 1 gallon clear ziplock bag(s).
  • No pocket knives allowed.
  • No Food OR Beverage can be brought into the Breslin Center unless there is a special dietary need.
  • Strollers can be brought into and used in the Breslin Center but when participants take their seats, those with strollers must either leave them with guest services (found in Section 117) or place their stroller at the back of a handicap platform.
  • Tickets will NOT be checked at the door but you will be asked to walk through a metal detector before entering the Breslin.
  • Breslin food concessions will be open all day but you are also welcome to pack your own picnic lunch to eat at your vehicles or somewhere else outside. NO GRILLS OR ALCOHOL ALLOWED ON MSU PROPERTY.
  • Wheelchairs are available on a first come first served basis. Go to Guest Services.
  • ACCESSIBLE SEATING IS AVAILABLE. Go to Guest Services and request a ticket to sit at the Wheelchair Platforms on the Concourse Level. Those in need of accessible seating are allowed to be accompanied by one other person. *Also, the top row of most sections in the concourse level bowl will be reserved for accessible seating.


For maps and the most detailed information, got to the Made for Happiness website Check out the FAQ section.