Altar Rosary Society


Altar Rosary Society:

The Altar Rosary Society primary mission to the church is taking care of the Lord’s table.  They provide hosts, wine, altar linens, vestments, server’s albs, altar flowers, weekly cleaning of the Altar and a host of other things!  Every woman of the parish is considered a member of the Society and is encouraged to attend meetings.

Every year the Altar Rosary society holds a Rummage Sale to raise funds for their mission.  With the construction this year, they were unable to hold their Annual Rummage Sale.  Let us thank the Ladies of the Parish with a 2nd collection the weekend of August 4-5.  God Bless!


Made for Happiness Assembly


REGISTER TODAY for the Made for Happiness Diocesan Assembly!  You are invited to join thousands of faithful Catholics from across the diocese for the Saturday, September 22 Diocesan Assembly.  The day will include an outdoor Eucharistic Procession from St. Mary Cathedral in Lansing to the Breslin Center in East Lansing (9:00 to 11:30), the Assembly Gathering featuring inspiring speakers and music (1:00 to 4:30), and the All-Diocesan Mass (4:30 to 6:00). Throughout the day Assembly goers also will have access to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and will be able to view a variety of religious displays.  The Assembly is for the whole family, with music, activities for kids, and free childcare.  Admission is FREE, but advance registration is required because space is limited! To register, go to


From Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

“The happiness you are seeking, the happiness you have a right to enjoy has a name and a face: it is Jesus of Nazareth, hidden in the Eucharist.  Only he gives the fulfillment of life to humanity!  With Mary, say your own ‘yes’ to God, for he wishes to give himself to you.”




Deacon Corner Bulletin, July 29 2018

The past 2 weeks we’ve been discussing the 8th Commandment which says “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” It’s all about speaking the truth.  But, sometimes speaking the truth can be hurtful.

Our Catechism teaches witnessing to the Gospel “is an act of justice that establishes the truth or makes it known (CCC 2472).”  But witnessing the truth of the Gospel can be very difficult, even dangerous.  Many Christians have chosen martyrdom rather than reject the truth of God.  But what if speaking the truth can harm others?  What if giving my truthful opinion leads to hurt feelings, animosity, or break up a relationship?

Jesus showed us the pursuit of truth must include the virtue of charity.  That means speaking the truth in a humble and loving manner.  St Paul told the Christians in Ephesus to speak “the truth in love”- with sincerity, compassion, and understanding (Ephesians 4:15.)  We witness the truth in sincerity and love in 3 key ways:  by taking up a matter with someone privately with great delicacy and diplomacy; by simply acting in a manner consistent with our intentions (don’t say one thing and do another); and acting with sincerity and humility (be aware of our own faults when pointing out the faults of others.)  No matter how we speak the truth, we must make sure our own pride does not make us eager to point out the faults of others.

Our Catechism says charity and respect for truth should dictate our response to every request for information or communication.  That includes those times when we must not divulge the truth – like keeping a secret to protect someone or being held to a professional oath of confidentiality.   The Catechism says it’s OK to withhold the truth, or use discrete and evasive language to avoid it especially when the good and safety of others, respecting privacy, and the common good are involved.  No one is bound to reveal the truth to someone who has evil intentions if the truth is known or has no right to know it (CCC 2489.)  St Raymond said in situations like this, if our conscience justifies lying to protect someone, then we may do so.  St. Augustine wrote that if our mind justifies a lie is the best answer to give in these situations, then we are not in violation of the 8th Commandment.  Of course, both would say for a very good reason.  An obvious good reason would be lying to the Nazi SS squads while hiding Jewish families in the attic during WW2.

We must always remember the Truth is Sacred; and Christ, who is the truth, expects us to testify to him by the truthfulness of our lives, our actions, and our words.  We do this by being His humble, sincere, faithful followers; always showing mercy and compassion for others.  In short, we do what Jesus would do; and treat others the way we would like to be treated.

Deacon John

Adapted from an “Introduction to Catholicism” by Father James Socias


Fr. Todd Bulletin, July 29 2018

Dear Sacred Heart Family,

This coming week I will be taking some vacation for the next July 30-Aug 7th.  Providentially this is the exact same time frame Fr. Joe had planned for his retreat so we already had coverage for the August 4-5th weekend.  My twin brother, Fr. Gary, and I will be visiting a good friend and his family in Washington State for a few days.  Then I will be going to Connecticut to concelebrate at the Mass of a friend who is taking her final vows with the Sisters of Life.  It will be short time for going to the opposite ends of the country.

Last week I talked about Mary’s example.  This week I want to turn to the wisdom of the Sacred Heart.  For those who would like a brief history of Devotion to the Sacred Heart a concise account can be found here:

Jesus revealed this image of the Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary in a time period that had a very negative view of God.  Into this reality Jesus revealed this image of his heart surrounded by the crown of thorns and burning with love.  He said this to St. Margaret Mary: “My Heart is so full of love for men that It can no longer contain the flames of Its burning love. I must discover to men the treasures of My Heart and save them from perdition.”  Jesus later said to her- “Behold the Heart which has so loved men that it has spared nothing, even to exhausting and consuming Itself, in order to testify Its love”.

The image of the Sacred Heart is one that should challenge our image of God.  Do we think of Jesus in this way- one who is close to us, with a Heart burning for love of us or do we think of Him in a way that is cold and distant?  Just like this image and its devotion brought healing to a world that needed it so this image can and should bring healing to us.  No matter where we are in our walk with the Lord we all need to realize anew that we are loved and from time to time just be loved.

The image of the Sacred Heart captures the reality of faith being an invitation by the Lord into a relationship with Him.  This is not something that can be forced, for love can never forced.  Love can only be offered and then either received or rejected.  Let us meditate on this image and pray again to receive His Heart and then reciprocate by entrusting our own hearts to Him.

God Bless,

Fr. Todd


Principal Anne Atkin, Bulletin July 29 2018

Why Summer Reading Pays Off Year-Round

Attention parents: even though summer is almost over, it’s not too late to help your child become a better reader before the new school year begins. Summer is an important time for students to keep reading and improve their language skills. If your child hasn’t been reading regularly this summer, they may be in danger of the “summer slide”—a decline in their reading ability.  However, this “summer slide” can be avoided by ensuring that children are as engaged as possible in whatever they choose to read—just as long as they’re reading every day.

The best ways to keep your child from becoming a “rusty reader” over the summer are:

  1. Encourage your children to read books they enjoy for at least 30 minutes per day. Your child will likely be more engrossed in material they choose themselves than material that is forced on them.
  2. Provide incentives for reluctant readers. For example, if your child enjoys basketball, agree to take them to the local court if they do their “daily reading.”
  3. Make reading a social act. Establish a time during the day when all members of the family gather and read on their own, or take turns reading the same book aloud.
  4. Connect your reading to family outings. If you take your kids to an aquarium, con sider reading a book about fish or the ocean with them later that day. The outing can help place the reading into a broader context.

There’s still time for kids to pick up a book this summer. Take your children to your local library or bookstore and let them pick out a book they’re going to love today. They will be better readers tomorrow for it. (Adapted from Room Why summer reading pays off year round).

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


Fr. Todd Homily, July 22 2018

This week’s recording includes the Holy Gospel according to Mark.

The apostles gathered together with Jesus and reported all they had done and taught.  He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.”  People were coming and going in great numbers, and they had no opportunity even to eat.  So they went off in the boat by themselves to a deserted place.  People saw them leaving and many came to know about it.  They hastened there on foot from all the towns and arrived at the place before them.

When he disembarked and saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things.


Purity and Anti-Pornography Resources

One of the hard realities of our modern world is the widespread and pervasive nature of pornography.  Through the internet and social media, it is literally everywhere. Often times people stumble upon it when they are young and it can lead to years of shame and silent struggle.  Due to the nature of this struggle people feel like they have to fight this alone.  Parents often feel ill equipped to guide and protect their children.  This is a resource guide to help men and women who are struggling with this sin, for those hoping to better protect themselves and their families, and for those simply hoping to learn more.

I want to end on a great encouragement- if this is a struggle don’t give up hope!  Know the Lord’s love, his mercy, and his desire to help set you free.  Never be afraid to bring this to confession or simply come and talk about it.  There is hope and you don’t need to fight it alone!


Anti-Pornography Resources

Catholic Websites

Christian Websites

  • Live Bold Magazine (online) is one of the fastest growing publications for men and men’s ministry.
  • -Fortify is a great website supporting men and women who are overcoming a struggle with pornography.
  • pureHOPE endeavors to provide Christian solutions in a sexualized culture, leading to a world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness.
  • Pure Intimacy is an online ministry of Focus on the Family devoted to the biblical truth that human sexuality flows from the image of God that we bear as male and female and is a good gift from God.
  • Setting Captives Free is a non-denominational ministry which teaches the biblical principles of freedom in Jesus Christ. Our Christ centered courses are free of charge and help people escape impurity, over-eating, substance abuse, gambling, smoking and more.
  • Pink Cross Foundation is a faith-based IRS approved 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to reaching out to adult industry workers offering emotional, financial and transitional support. We largely focus on reaching out to the adult film industry offering education and resources to victims of sex trafficking and violence in the workplace. Pink Cross Foundation also reaches out to those struggling with pornography addiction offering education and large doses of truth to recover.
  • Beggars Daughter is a Christian site run by Jessica Harris for and to women who struggle with pornography. She does much to expose the lie women feel that “they are the only one” and offers real help and resources for women


Secular Websites

  • Since 1997, has helped men and women of all backgrounds recover from pornography addiction.
  • Pornography Harms is dedicated to providing the most accurate peer-reviewed research on the harm from pornography, along with relevant news, opinion and personal experience.
  • The consultation on The Social Costs of Pornography assembled leading experts in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, neurophysiology, philosophy, sociology, law, and political theory to present a rigorously argued overview of the problem of pornography in our society and to make recommendations. The primary purpose of the meeting was to examine the real nature of pornography in its moral and social consequences.
  • The primary objective of the X3Pure project is to enable a speedy and effective recovery for men, women, couples and parents dealing with Internet pornography and other sex-related addictions in the most confidential and professional manner possible.

Spanish Websites


  • CovenantEyes helps you protect your family online. Learn how the Internet is used in your home.
  • – Net Nanny is another great resource for filtering the internet as it comes into your home.  It has many great resources for families.
  • Enough is Enough has recently launched a new multi-media program, Internet Safety 101, to educate, equip and empower parents, educators and other caring adults with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively protect children from the dangers of online pornography, sexual predators, cyberbullies and threats relating to social networking, online gaming and mobile devices.
  • Safe Eyes is Mac, PC, and iOS compatible software that protects your family from harmful content and other dangers on the Internet.
  • i-SAFE is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering youth (and others) to safely, responsibly, and productively use information and communications technologies.
  • Family Safe Media provides parental control solutions for families concerned about the profanity, promiscuity and violence in today’s media and entertainment.
  • is a network of lodging facilities that—based on some of the best research available—do not offer in-room, “adult” (pornographic) pay-per- view movies.
  • pureHOPE seeks to assist parents in making an informed decision when purchasing filtering, blocking, or monitoring software for their family.
  • FBI Kids Safety – resource that teaches children about internet safety.


12-Step Groups

  • Catholic Support Group for Sexual Addictions Recovery. Sexual addiction can lead to arrest and prison. Avoid that tragedy and find freedom from this compulsion. Join us in the quest for healing and purity
  • Sexaholics Anonymous International. Sexaholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover. Our primary purpose is to stay sexually sober and help others to achieve sexual sobriety.
  • S-Anon International. S-Anon is a program of recovery for those who have been affected by someone else’s sexual behavior.

Men’s Groups

  • Under Christ the King’s universal call to serve, we as The King’s Men pledge to unite and build up other men in the mold of leader, protector, and provider through education, formation, and action.
  • Promise Keepers’ mission has been to ignite and unite men to become warriors who will change their world through living out the Seven Promises.
  • St. Joseph’s Covenant Keepers is an informal international network of Christian men, under the patronage of St. Joseph, dedicated to strengthening the family.

Women’s Groups

  • Women of Grace is a Catholic apostolate whose mission is to transform the world one woman at a time by affirming women in their dignity and vocation as daughters of God and in their gift of authentic femininity.


English Books
  • Be a Man! Becoming the Man God Created You to Be, by Fr. Larry Richards.
  • Boys to Men: The Transforming Power of Virtue, by Tim Gray and Curtis Martin.
  • Breaking Free: 12 Steps to Sexual Purity for Men, by Stephen Wood.
  • The Courage to be Chaste, by Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.
  • Every Man’s Battle: Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time, Every Young Man’s Battle: Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation, Preparing Your Son for Every Man’s Battle: Honest Conversations About Sexual Integrity, by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker.
  • Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving, by Gregory K. Popcak, Ph.D.
  • Hope After Betrayal: Healing When Sexual Addiction Invades Your Marriage, by Meg Wilson.
  • In the Shadows of the N et: Breaking Free of Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior, Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction, by Patrick Carnes.
  • Pure Manhood, by Jason Evert.
  • Pure Womanhood, by Crystalina Evert.
  • Theology of the Body for Beginners: A Basic Introduction to Pope John Paul II ‘s Sexual Revolution, by Christopher West.
  • Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tool for Recovery, by Kevin B.Skinner, Ph.D.

Spanish Books

  • Amor y Vida, por Patrick Reidy.
  • La belleza de la sexualidad, por Tomás Melendo.
  • Como sanar las heridas de la adicción sexual, por Dr. Mark Laaser.
  • Como usar las nuevas tecnologías en la familia, por Marianela Jaúdenes.
  • La moral sexual explicada a los jóvenes, por André Leonard.
  • ¡Por favor, háblame del amor!, por Inés Pelissie du Rausas.


English Articles


Spanish Articles