Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin, June 3 2018


This week the 5th/6th graders went to camp for 3 days. We had so much fun exploring, hiking, trying new things and pushing past our fear to experience things that are scary. We will definitely be going back to Kimball camp in the future.

Please stop by the Food Fair on Saturday, June 2. We would love to share a relaxing evening sampling food, laughing with friends and       enjoying our wonderful community that we are blessed to live in. It is guaranteed to be a good time.

Don’t forget our Annual 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, June 9.  Racers of all fitness levels are welcome to participate, whether you walk the course or run it!  Registration begins at 7:00am in the school basement.

1K begins at 8:30am ~ $13 entry fee

5K begins at 9:00am ~ $20 entry fee

Truckin’ Tot begins at the completion of the 5K ~ FREE

Thank you for your continued support of our school!

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, Principal


Deacon’s Corner, June 3 2018

Over the past few weeks, we’ve covered Purgatory and how our soul leaves the body as soon as we die to be immediately judged by God.  Based on this judgement, our soul will go directly to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory.  This is called the “Particular Judgement.”  Our soul is reunited with our body during the “General Judgement” when Christ returns at the end of time.  This week let’s cover Hell and the “General Judgement”.

Jesus tells us there is a Hell and it is eternal.  He says it’s a place where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, where condemned souls are tormented, and the fire is not quenched (Matthew 13:50, Mark 9:48).  Hell is a state of everlasting suffering and separation from God.  God does not condemn anyone to Hell.  Instead, He invites everyone to choose the path of love and holiness over the path of greed, selfishness, and sin.  God gave us a free will and respects the choices we make.  People end up in Hell because they deliberately cut themselves off from God during their life on earth.  So, people choose to go to Hell and God lets them go.   We must recognize that Hell is a very real possibility.  To deny Hell exists is to deny a truth of our Faith.

The Church has declared some men and women to be saints in Heaven.  But, she has never stated that any particular person is in Hell.  No notorious sinner, murderous tyrant, or scandalous heretic has never been declared by the Church to be among the damned.  That’s because the Church simply does not want to presume anyone is in Hell.  That’s for God to decide.  But, that doesn’t mean Hell is empty.  It only means we cannot be certain who is there.  It would be dangerous to presume that Hell is empty, non-existent, or temporary and everyone is eventually saved in the end.

We pray in the Creed, “Christ will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.”   This is the General Judgement (or Last Judgement, Final Judgement, or Universal Judgement) – the Second Coming of Christ where God’s eternal plan of salvation is fully revealed.  At this time, God’s majesty, wisdom, justice, and mercy will be seen as everything that happened throughout human history will be unveiled.  General Judgement is not a “retrial”.   It’s a time when Particular Judgements are revealed for all to see.  Purgatory will cease to exist.  There is no opportunity for the souls in Hell to repent as they have already made their eternal choice.  After the General Judgement, the righteous will reign forever with Christ, glorified in body and soul (Catechism 1042-43, 1 Peter 3:13, Revelation 21:1).

Talking about death and judgement raise the ultimate questions of our existence.  We may fear the unknowns of death and eternity.  But we can console ourselves by trusting what God has promised to the faithful who die in a state of grace is something far more wonderful than any of us can possibly imagine.

Deacon John

Adapted from “Introduction to Catholicism for Adults” by Rev. James Socias



Fr. Joe Bulletin Article, June 3 2018

Greetings in Christ!

This weekend is the Feast of the Sacred Body and Precious Blood of Christ, or as its more commonly called “Corpus Christi”.

As Catholics, we recognize the gift of the Eucharist as one that is so amazing, its the only Sacrament we call “The Blessed Sacrament”.

I thought this might be a good time to tighten up our reverence for the Eucharist a bit, so I’m going to offer some things I’ve seen that we can work on.

Genuflection: a priest challenged me on this in seminary and it absolutely changed my life.  When we walk into the Church, we genuflect toward the Tabernacle.  If someone was new to a Catholic Church, it might not be clear to them what we are doing because we can easily fall into the trap of “half genuflecting”.  When you go to genuflect, pause and do it slowly.  Its using our bodies to remind our brains that we are in a Sacred Place: let’s take our time and do it right!

Language: its not the “bread and wine” once the consecration happens: its the Body and Blood of Christ.  That’s important for us to remember: its using our language to remind ourselves that this is a great and sacred moment.

Our Body Posture, make sure we try our best to show reverence and intentionality when we are ministering the Eucharist or receiving it.

It’s good to think about the fact that we receive the Eucharist.  We do not initiate, Christ initiates and we respond.  There are numerous ways we show that mystery and wonder within the mass and the way we receive communion is one of those ways.  We submit to the teaching that “God initiates, we respond” by making sure that we receive communion, we don’t take communion.

That’s why when we receive, we do it one of two ways:

¨ If we receive on the hands, we make a throne with our hands: right hand under and left hand on top (if we are right handed).

¨ If we receive on the tongue, we make sure that we do so in a way that makes it easy to receive: chin up, tongue extended.

We do not take the host out of the priests hands, we receive.  This is why we don’t do what is called “Intinction”: taking the host and carrying it to the Precious Blood in order to dip it in: we receive.    Whatever way we receive, we want to be sure that we give a loud and clear “Amen” to the statement “The Body (or Blood) of Christ”.

We love each other…that’s part of being a family.  However, we want to be sure we show proper reverence and reflection when we process forward to receive Him.  The communion line is not a good time to socialize with those we walk by: we focus on Jesus in the Eucharist.

We avoid chewing gum during mass and make sure that, if we are distributing The Eucharist, we act with great love and reverence.

We help those who come to Church but are not Catholic.  We do so by explaining beforehand what the Eucharist is and why we ask those who are not Catholic to not receive it.  At every Church I’ve been assigned to, I (or others) have found the Sacred Host left laying on the floor or even enclosed in hymnals.  No one does something so disrespectful intentionally; they simply don’t know what to do.  We can help those we bring to Mass, or if we see someone who doesn’t seem to know what to do after receiving communion, we simply offer to take the Sacred Host and consume it.

It may be that we look this over and it sounds picky, but I promise you its not.  St. Paul tells us that “Whoever eats the flesh without considering it eats and drinks their condemnation”…wow.  It’s that important! So, I’m using this Feast as a time to remind us as a family to pause and make sure our familiarity with the Eucharist doesn’t unintentionally move into disrespect for this incredibly sacred and special gift from God.

May our love and reverence for the Eucharist translate into a deep love and reverence for each other!

God bless you!


SHS 5K – June 9 2018

Saturday, June 9

We are pleased to invite you to our seventh annual SHS 5K race. Exercise is an important part of good health, and every step we take leads us closer to being physically fit. Our students at SHS learn the importance of being spiritually, physically, and mentally fit. While participating in our running club activities, students race toward a healthier lifestyle.

5K Start time: 9:00 am
Running Runts 1k: 8:30 am
Truckin’ Tots: after the 5k

Packet Pick-Up begins at 7:15 am in the School Cafeteria (208 S. Market St. Hudson, MI)

5k Cost: $20.00
Running Runts 1k: $13.00
Truckin’ Tots Cost: $10.00

Contact Us at or (517)448-6405

Make Checks Payable to Sacred Heart School.

Registration Form 2018

Click here to visit the 5K link on our website.

Volunteers are Needed


Sacred Heart Food Fair & Raffle

Saturday, June 2 from 5:00-8:00pm.

Set up, Ticket Sales, Games Area, Drink Stand, Clean up, etc

Please call the parish office 517-448-3811 if you would like to help!!



FOOD FAIR & RAFFLE, June 2, 2018

Sacred Heart Food Fair & Raffle

Saturday, June 2, 2018

5:00 ~ 8:00pm

Parish Grounds

Mass will be at 4:00pm


Come sample a wide variety of food from local chef celebrities!!   Sample tickets are $2 each.

Raffle tickets are $5 each or 6 for$25

Cash Prizes!!!

1st – $1,500.00                        2nd – $1,000.00

3rd – $500.00                          4th – $250.00

5th – $100.00                           6th – 10th – $50.00


Farewell Party for Fr. Dan

FR. DAN LANNEN, O.S.F. S. will be leaving us at the end of June to become the  Chaplain to De Sales University in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Please come and wish him well on Saturday, May 26 following the 430pm Mass.

Light refreshments will be served.