Deacon’s Corner, March 25, 2018

Jesus cried out from the cross,“My God, my God.  Why have you forsaken me?”  Have you cried out asking God that same question?  If so, God understands.  He’s been there.

Jesus knows what it’s like to be misunderstood and not accepted.  He knows what it’s like to laugh and cry and grieve. He knows anguish, anger, and unanswered prayer.  Jesus knows what it’s like to carry a cross and fall down.  He knows what it’s like to always be told you are wrong – that we don’t do it that way, don’t try to change things, and say this not that.  He knows what it’s like to fight when the bad guys are winning; when evil and defeat are everywhere; and injustice, hatred, and rejection are commonplace.  He’s felt the pain of whips and nails.  He knows all of this, so why would He forsake us?

No, God doesn’t forsake us.  He understands us.  But only through our willingness to experience our own passions are we able to even begin to understand why.  Because our passions tell stories of hurt, anger, betrayal, falling down, fear, denial, and needing help to carry our cross.  And that’s what we learn from the Passion Story of Jesus.

May we live in the moment and savor our own passions, knowing our cross is not the end of the story.  Knowing all the time that God does not promise to wave a magic wand and make all the hurt go away.  But he does promise to see us through to the other side.  To die to our old self and rise to a new life.  To be Born Again.  2000 years ago, they didn’t understand yet what that means.  But we do.  This Palm Sunday and Good Friday, let’s take time to give our hurts to God, trust Him to see us through them, and let Him change our lives forever.


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