Principal Anne Atkin Bulletin March 4, 2018

Am I Lazy?  What do I Need to Persevere?

There is no easy way to get past a very difficult task. Nike tells us to “Just Do It.”  People will say “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”  My Mom would tell me to “finish what you started.”  Here is the problem….When I was a kid, and sometimes, even now, certain projects seem so overwhelming, that it is difficult to even think about them, much less do them.  I am afraid.  I do not think I can get past my weaknesses and persevere.

The opposite of persevering is hiding.  Hide behind anger, hide behind excuses, hide behind low self-worth, hide behind low ability, just hide.  None of this works.  We all know it.  There is only one way to truly overcome negativity; to be a person who can push past all obstacles and create a quality finished product. It is a developed strength of character and there are no shortcuts.

Children who can trust and who have faith that God has made them in His image have a much easier time conquering fears of inadequacies.  When we can speak to our children about blind faith and Divine purpose; about God-given gifts and true love, they become aware that they will never be given more than they can handle.

Let’s create an environment where mistakes are overcome.  Projects are challenging but children become so prepared, to be the light that God intended, that they forget to be weak.  The strength they need does not come from landing on top most of the time, it comes from building a strong soul that knows it is good enough to finish. God has lofty goals for each of us and He wants us to reach them.

“Pray More, Worry Less.” That is what perseverance is about. Call on courage, develop responsibility, have respect, but most of all, pray to the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and actions.

And for the love of God, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal


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