Deacon John Bulletin March 4, 2018

Last week I wrote how God doesn’t allow evil to happen to in the world – we do.  God gave us a free will to make our own choices.  Evil exists because of the choices we make between following God and doing good or rejecting God and doing evil.  Sadly, choosing to sin affects many people.  So, our choices to sin can hurt innocent people and allow them to suffer, too.  The existence of evil is a stumbling block for many people who believe in God.  Fortunately, our Christian faith has a solution to the problem.  In a nutshell, here it is:

To begin, God created everything good.  He gave human beings the power of free will to accept or reject Him.  Without free will, human beings would just be robots without the ability to love.  But, humans use this free will to sin against God and separate themselves from Him.  As a result, our human desires and passions became disordered.  Our sin brought suffering and death into the world.  God saw this, and sent Jesus, His Only Begotten Son, into the world to redeem all people and restore human nature to its original state before the fall of Adam and Eve.  Through Jesus’ example – His life, death, and resurrection – God invites us to seek a greater holiness and perfection so we may enjoy eternal life with Him in heaven.  Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, we are called to imitate Christ, even in how we bear our sufferings, to unite our human wills to God’s Divine Will.

Therefore, the solution to the problem of evil in the world is to launch a great Christian revolution to convert pain into fruitful suffering and turn bad things into something good.  In doing so, we will conquer eternity by depriving Satan of the only weapon he has – trying to convince us the glamor of evil is far more satisfying than being united with God.  God looks for us to something good from the consequences of evil.

Because He knows when we do, we will put Satan out of business forever.

Deacon John 

Adapted from “Introduction to Catholicism for Adults” by Rev. James Socias


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